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Ceepass Digital Bank helps you to save, invest, access loans and become wealthy

The best online bank in Nigeria for all your online savings, investments and loans. Buy Airtime and Data, Buy Power and pay your TV subscription at a discounted rate.

Why Ceepass Digital Bank?

With our Digital Banking Online Savings and Investment Products, your financial freedom is guaranteed. We have helped a lot of Nigerians cross the poverty line.
Thousands of our Savers and Investors have been consistently paid their promised dividends without fail. We also offer our airtime, data, power and TV subscriptions at give away discounted rates.

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High Returns On Investment

Ceepass Digital Bank pays you high interest rate compared to other digital banks in Nigeria.

No Hidden Fees

Your Online savings and investments with us doesn't come with any monthly charges or deductions. You only get your pay out on due date unlike other digital banks.

Trusted & Secured

Ceepass Digital Bank is highly secure and trusted by thousands of people like you taking advantage of the great online banking products and support we provide. Your savings and investments are very safe with us.

Amazing Deals

Ceepass Digital Bank in partnership with other companies gives you access to third party services ranging from hospitality, entertainment, education, healthcare and IT Services.

Strong Security

Ceepass Digital Bank is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and uses the highest levels of Internet Security, and it is well secured by SSL security encryption to ensure that your information is completely protected from fraud. Also uses a powerful blockchain security system to secure users account against hackers. Ceepass is the most secured Internet Banking Platform in Nigeria

Online Savings, Online Loans and Investment

Based on your preference and needs, take advantage of our online banking solutions to save, invest and grow your finances.


Target Savings

Automatically choose to save either on a daily, weekly or monthly basus and earn 15% interest per annum. Withdrawals here are restricted to due date only.


Fixed Savings

Securely lock away your money for 12 months and earn up to 8% interest monthly. You can start with a minimum of N200,000 and grow your wealth.


Export Financing

Invest in our NEPC licensed commodity export business and earn 15% of your investment amount in 4 months. Safe, Secured and Guaranteed.


Contract Farming

Invest in our large scale farming projects and earn up to 20% profit in 6 months. Several Investors have been cashing out and reinvesting with us.

The Best Bank In Nigeria To Make Money With

Ceepass is committed to improving the welfare of the nation through profit-oriented savings and investment plans. Once you make your way to the platform, you can:


Grow your money using the Fixed Savings plan.

Keep your money locked in with Ceepass and watch it pile up every month throughout the predetermined savings period.

This option comes with an 8% interest rate.


Save even more with the Target Savings plan.

Make your financial goals happen with your reliable digital bank.

Specify how much money you’d like to amass and strategically save on your purchases, plus get 15% in interest on top of your savings.


Put your money to good use by investing.

What does it take to be a successful investor?

High-return Contract Farming and Export Financing options! Seize your opportunity with Ceepass while propping up agriculture businesses.


The fastest, easiest and most convenient way to pay your bills.

  • Buy Power
  • TV Subscription
  • Waec Result Checker
  • Remitta


Insure life and properties

  • Farm Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Health Insurance


Control your travel schedules

  • Airline Booking
  • Hotel Booking

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The Benefits of Digital Banking in Nigeria.

1. It is a simpler, faster and easier way to carry out all your bank transactions.

2. Escape from all the charges that traditional banks deduct from your money with them.

3. Save your way out of poverty. Save for the raining days. Save to achieve your goals. Save to invest to secure a better future.

4. Invest in a high return Agribusiness opportunities that will make you wealthy.


5. Transfer your money to anyone in any bank at any time of the day. No fear of bank closing hours. Transfer money even during weekends.

6. Resolve funds transfer errors, BVN errors, credit or debit cards issues using your smart phone or laptop.

7. Pay Bills. Electricity, Water, TV subscription, Airtime and Data.

8. Payment Collections - government remittances, taxes, levies, registration fees and licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ceepass is a digital bank for Farmers and Agribusiness Investors
Yes, Ceepass Digital Limited is a registered Limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
3A, Force Road, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos.
Suite 102 and 103, Millennium Plaza, Central Business District, Abuja.
Please call 07000707070.