How Digital Banks Can Help You Avoid the stress of using Banking Halls

Digital Banks

Since the coronavirus breakout in Nigeria in 2020 and the lifting of the lockdown, one of the most stressful things to do is going to the banking halls. It is common knowledge that banking halls are usually very crowded because of the COVID-19 safety measures set by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

These days it is common for a bank customer to go to a bank and spend hours there just to do a simple transaction. Some have to get to the bank very early in the morning just to be in front of the queue.

But with the advent of digital banks, it’s very unnecessary for you to go through that stress associated with using the banking halls, so I want to show you a few ways Digital Banks can help you avoid banking halls, thereby saving you time and eliminating stress.

  1. Multiple Channels

When you create an account on a Digital Bank, your access to an exceptional banking experience is limitless. With Digital Banks you can carry out all banking operations with convenience. You enjoy the convenience and ease of online banking, and you can access it via a Mobile App (on your Android device or iPhone) and Web through a website.

  1. Free and Simple virtual account number

With the adoption of technology, now more than ever, anyone, anywhere can easily have a bank account right from the comfort of their homes, for free in just minutes. In literally 5 minutes you can sign-up on a Digital Bank and have your virtual bank account immediately without having to go through all those lengthy forms and stressful paper work like they do in the conventional banks.

Also, you don’t have to wait for 2 – 3 working days to get your account number. You get it under 5 minutes and can start using it immediately without a minimum opening balance or account balance, stamp duty, or all those other charges you get from conventional banks.

  1. Wide range Transactions

Digital Banking platforms serve as one platform for all your Internet banking and Investment needs. They have a wide range of transactions to meet your daily needs and here are some of them:

  • Save money and earn high interest on your savings.
  • Send money to anyone, anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Apply for and get Instant Loan to meet your pressing needs.
  • Airtime and data purchases for all networks in Nigeria at a discount
  • Cable TV payments — DSTV, GOTV, StarTimes, etc. at a discount.
  • Electricity bill payments — Ikeja Electric, EKEDC, AEDC, PHED, JED, etc.
  1. Exceptional customer support

One of the common complaints about bank staff is the rudeness and unprofessionalism of some of their customer support staff, as well as the fact that sometimes you are not sure of getting prompt answers to your queries. That is not the case with most Digital Banks.

Digital Banks deliver very exceptional banking experience with 24/7 customer support. They are always available to help you — most digital banks have a team of well trained, kind and professional support representatives to help you resolve any issue and you are just a click away from speaking with a member of their team via LIVE chat, WhatsApp, Telegram or Phone. No long queues or waiting…support is prompt and guaranteed!

With all the stress already available in Nigeria, there is no need adding another stress to your schedules – the stress of using the banking halls. There is no better time to start enjoying the convenience and speed of digital banking than now, and a good place to start is with Ceepass Digital Bank. You can Create an account here.

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