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How Is Ceepass Digital Bank also a Farmers’ Bank?

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When you think of digital banking, what comes to mind?

It is usually the convenience of doing your banking from your mobile phone. The ease of transaction that digital banking provides has made it attractive over time.


Farmers and those in agribusiness are some of the beneficiaries of the convenience that comes with the introduction of digital banking, especially those in very remote areas. Before the advancement of technology and digital banking, most banking operations were done in person. Farmers often struggled with getting access to the banks, whose branches were usually too far. Another challenge they faced was difficulty in accessing loans or other services needed to expand their farms.


Digital banking has been a saving grace for farmers, opening up so many doors that were otherwise closed to them. Digital banks like Ceepass empower them to become more successful in their businesses.


One of the numerous benefits of digital banking is that it has paved the way for more people to invest. Right now, investing in agribusiness is in high demand. That is where Ceepass comes in. As a digital bank serving the needs of farmers and agribusiness investors, Ceepass was set up with smallholding farmers and agribusiness investors in mind.


Ceepass can accomplish this because:

  • Jamis Microfinance Bank Limited, a CBN-licensed microfinance bank, powers them.
  • Being a bank targeted at helping traders and farmers makes it the perfect vehicle.
  • Its partnerships with companies like Farm4Me Agriculture Limited and Viable X Agribusiness Limited enable it to offer farmers investment opportunities.


Ceepass, as a digital bank, is well-equipped to provide its clients with fantastic saving options through its Jamis Microfinance connection. Ceepass, being both a digital bank and farmers’ bank, provides instant loans to both farmers and investors.


When it comes to investment options, Ceepass partners with companies that are fully vested in agribusiness. For example, there is Farm4Me Agriculture Limited which focuses on contract farming, the procurement and rental of farming equipment, trucking and commodity exports.

In addition, Ceepass’ partnership with Viable X Agribusiness Limited offers an opportunity for Nigerian farmers and agribusiness investors to become members of the commodity market by trading farm produce, thereby creating more avenues for wealth.


Photo by Reneé Thompson on Unsplash


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