How to Make Money from Digital Banking

digital banking

The benefits of digital banking go beyond transferring funds, mobile banking and cash withdrawals. If you are still unsure about joining the digital banking train, perhaps this article will help you realise what you have been missing out on.

One thing that sets digital banking apart from traditional banking is that it offers people more opportunities to make money innovatively and efficiently.

Two main routes lead to the path of earning additional income on these digital platforms:

  1. Saving opportunities

This is the first route, and it is easy to set up. There are two main categories of savings: the Fixed Savings route, which allows you to securely lock away money for 12 months. With digital banks like Ceepass, you earn up to 8% interest each month. This is an excellent way to begin to grow your wealth.

The second category is Target Savings which allows you to save daily, weekly or monthly. The best thing about this saving tool is the opportunity to earn up to 15% interest per annum.

  1. Investment opportunities

Before digital banking changed the financial landscape, many people were locked out of investment opportunities. So many barriers stood in their way. Thankfully, digital banking has opened up access to investment opportunities.

With digital banking, people can now easily invest in various opportunities, including agriculture, transportation, and real estate. Depending on the sector the investment falls under and the terms of the investment, you can earn 25% to 45% between a few months to one year. These investments are secure and insured, so you don’t have to lose sleep in fear that you will lose your hard-earned money.


Making money from digital banking can be done by first saving and then investing in any of the offers available. The best part is you don’t have to go very far; you can do this wherever you are. All you need is to sign in to your digital banking platform.


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