What is Ceepass Digital Bank?

Ceepass Digital Bank

Before I answer the question of what Ceepass Digital Bank is, I’d like to first say what the company is not.

  1. Ceepass Digital Bank is not a Get-rich-quick scheme.
  2. It is not a Network marketing company/business.
  3. Ceepass Digital Bank is not a Ponzi scheme.

So, now that we know exactly what the company is not, let me answer the question of what it is.

Ceepass Digital Bank is the best online bank in Nigeria for all your online savings, investments and loans, as well as the payment of subscription services.

With the advent of Fintech companies in Nigeria and across the world, a number of digital banking platforms have emerged with the purpose of helping individuals and organizations conduct their financial transactions seamlessly online.

Ceepass is one of these Fintechs, and has grown to become a major player in the digital banking space in Nigeria within a very short time.

Ceepass Digital Bank is a registered limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC), and Powered by Jamis Microfinance Bank Limited which is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Also, it is insured by Leadway Assurance Company Limited, which means that the savings and investments of its customers are guaranteed.

The company was founded by Adama J. Adama with the mission to empower smallholder farmers and agribusiness investors with seamless banking solutions and tools to live their best life possible. The leadership of Ceepass is structured with Executive Directors, Managing Directors, and Board of Trustees, with Mr. Adama J Adama as the Chief Executive Officer. Check this article to know more about the brains behind the company.

What are the services of Ceepass?

Ceepass is a farmer’s digital bank focused on farmers and agribusiness investors. One among the rich services of the digital bank is digital agricultural investment. Ceepass is the only farmer’s digital bank that seeks to encourage farmers and agribusiness investors by offering them core services of secured investment with digital banking.

Ceepass Digital Bank’s dedication to agriculture is something that stands out. Unlike most digital banks in Nigeria, Ceepass is rightly focused on farmers and agribusiness investors, and operating as the number one farmer’s digital bank in Nigeria has distinguished it from other digital banks in the country.

According to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people.

Fueled by this reality, Ceepass has considered the growth and progress of agriculture in Nigeria and across Africa with plans to grow the Nigerian economy through enhanced innovative solutions and drive agriculture to its very peak.

Similarly, with Ceepass, smallholders’ farmers and agribusiness investors have been enjoying strategic investment and saving options, centered on agricultural operations and earnings. This has improved the earnings of a lot of smallholder farmers, and bring onboard thousands of millennials into Agricultural investment, especially considering the fact that you mustn’t be a farmer before investing with Ceepass.

Anyone can conveniently sign-up on Ceepass and have an active bank account in just 5 minutes, and start enjoying the benefits of digital banking. It can be used by just anyone – not only farmers, however, the Fintech company has a huge focus on farmers and Agricultural investment.

So, if you want a convenient way of doing Banking and handling all your financial transactions, get a Ceepass Digital Bank account here. To get more details on how the Bank works, click here.

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