Trends to Expect in Nigeria’s Digital Banking Space

  1. More Data-driven

The more we, as a society advance in the area of technology, the more data-driven the digital banking space will become. With the dawn of technology and social media, we now live in a world guided and driven by data.  Soon,  banks will start using their consumer’s data to create more personalised services, just like social media.

  1. More adoptions of new technologies designed by Fintechs

There will be more adoptions of technologies developed by Fintechs in future. This will become more commonplace as digital banks increase their partnerships with Fintechs. They will figure out the best out of the many growing Fintechs with the perfect designs and services for their digital banking operations.

  1. Better acceptance of platform model

The adoption of new technologies will equip digital banks with the freedom to embrace the digital platform model. The platform model will enable digital banks to be agile and become more scalable, which is a more efficient way for the banks to operate while reducing capital expenditure. Another great benefit of the platform model is that it provides a secure ecosystem that houses all the interdependent players.

  1. Better customer experience

The more advanced digital banking becomes, the better the customers’ experience. With more targeted services being offered and provided through Artificial Intelligence, digital banks will be able to give their customers exactly what they need, thus meeting the different unique needs of their users.

  1. Cloud computing

The more advanced technology becomes, the more you find digital banks using cloud computing to deliver and store their data without running out of space.

  1. More Automation

The more advanced technology gets, the fewer humans will be needed to perform certain actions or services. This will allow for fast-tracked processes through automation.

  1. More User-friendly and visually appealing designs

The arrangement and style of the digital banks’ platform and apps will look way more attractive and friendly to users as technology improves.




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