Where Is Ceepass Digital Headquartered?

One very important factor to consider in setting up a business is its location. Unfortunately, many business pioneers are usually at crossroads when choosing where to establish their businesses. This is because the benefits a business could enjoy because of its location are numerous.

The management teams of financial institutions are usually insistent on siting their branches in an environment that is secure and populated with businesses and customers. This is because financial services are better provided under optimum conditions, which must be satisfied for seamless transactions to take place.

Moreso, for a digital bank that operates almost virtually, the siting of a physical branch has to be strategic. Although Ceepass Digital Bank, operates digitally, it has physical headquarters that serves as the base of its operations. The Bank has its headquarters at 3A, Force Road, Onikan, Lagos Island, Lagos. It also has a branch at Suite 102 and 103, Millennium Plaza, Central Business District, Abuja.

Also, that Ceepass Digital Bank has a branch in the Federal Capital Territory makes it easier for customers in the northern parts of the country to access the bank’s physical location if they cannot travel as far as Lagos.

One would wonder why the management team of Ceepass Digital Bank chose to site the physical extensions of the bank in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and the nation’s commercial capital, Lagos. One reason is that these areas are Nigeri’s major ICT and commercial hub, just as they are the base of operations for national and global companies in the country.

For a company that relies heavily on the internet for the bulk of its operations, being close to the heart of information and communication technology is not an option to bargain. In addition, the nature of digital banking demands constant use of internet and communication technologies that will make operations quite difficult for a digital bank located in an environment that is not fully ICT compliant.

This is one of the features that sets Ceepass Digital Bank apart – the fact that it has physical offices in Nigeria where customers who want to carry out physical transactions can visit to verify the authenticity of the bank and its claims.

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