Ceepass - One Platform for all your digital banking needs. Save, Invest, Pay Bills and Send Money to anyone in Nigeria.

Ceepass Digital Bank is an Agribusiness focused digital banking platform.
Live your best life daily by taking bold steps to achieve your financial freedom. Enjoy the convenience and ease of online banking. Ceepass is your one stop shop for everything internet banking. Save money, invest money, transfer funds and resolve issues that will normally take you to the bank.


Fixed Savings

Invest and Earn up to 8% on Fixed Savings.


Target Savings

Invest and Earn up to 15% on Target Savings.


Request Loan

Easy loan for small and medium scale farmers.


Fund Transfer

Carry out single and bulk transfer with ease

The Benefits of Digital Banking in Nigeria.


1. It is a simpler, faster and easier way to carry out all your bank transactions.

2. Escape from all the charges that traditional banks deduct from your money with them.

3. Save your way out of poverty. Save for the raining days. Save to achieve your goals. Save to invest to secure a better future.

4. Invest in a high return Agribusiness opportunities that will make you wealthy.

5. Transfer your money to anyone in any bank at any time of the day. No fear of bank closing hours. Transfer money even during weekends.

6. Resolve funds transfer errors, BVN errors, credit or debit cards issues using your smart phone or laptop.

7. Pay Bills. Electricity, Water, TV subscription, Airtime and Data.

8. Payment Collections - government remittances, taxes, levies, registration fees and licenses.

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